Rewarding members for burning flown miles as calories.


Movement researchers from the University of Sports in Vienna have found out that postural deformity is skyrocketing, because humans are becoming increasingly lazy, especially after long journeys.


BalticMiles want to motivate their frequent flyers to overcome one‘s weaker self, after a strong and long winter in europe, by launching a promotional campaign during spring 2013.


BalticMiles developed a service to find the perfect balance between sitting and moving after a long trip.

Members have 24 hours after landing to burn as many calories as miles flown. If members accomplish the challenge, BalticMiles rewards them with extra points for each hit.

And they can share their success on facebook or twitter.

The service platform is based on an app for smartphones linked with the member‘s BalticMiles account. On top of that the data of several running devices and services can be integrated.


BalticMiles points can be used for free flight tickets, leisure time activities and adventures, music downloads, and on the over 3000 products available at BalticMiles Online Shop. With "Burn The Miles" you can extend your earned points with flights and get faster to your reward.


We created the first App with a technology that syncs data to a non-sports platform on demand by connecting to running services such as Nike+ and more.

We ensure ease of use: the member‘s flown miles are automatically transferred to the app and compared with the calories to burn. If the calories are burned on time after the members round trip, animations celebrate their hit. And data visualizations show the goals and ranking to others.



Skift Travel News: "Best Travel App this week from BalticMiles: Travel brands are giving customers an incentive through rewards, but this is really awesome. BalticMiles and airBaltic are offering extra miles to any flyers that can burn as many calories as flown."

PSFK: "It is a clever motivator and brand engagement scheme."

TrendHunter: "The idea behind the application is great."